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Sight words can be tough, because 95% of the time, it’s a matter of practice, practice, practice. Not all students get enough repeated exposure. Giving them worksheet after worksheet can get boring, unless you make it engaging. With that in mind, I created this packet for my struggling students. I wanted to pack in as much practice as possible but not use a ton of paper.

I’m happy to report that this sight word packet has been a huge success with all my students! I’ve used them with kindergarteners to 3rd graders. I’m monitoring their progress for Dolce sight words every month. They’ve all grown, so I know this packet is helping.

Ways to use this packet

To save paper, you can print these out back to back (each word has 2 pages) and put them in a clear binder (shown below) as a literacy center. The students can stick each page under the clear cover and use dry-erase marker to practice.



I love using this for RTI and small group centers. However, doing this whole group shouldn’t be difficult. It’s best to introduce the format of the packet with guided practice. Once the kids get used to the format, it’s easy for them to do it independently. They just need someone to verify the Secret Sight Word in the beginning.

















By practicing sight words in this manner, 1 page of paper (front and back) will give the kids tons of practice. Depending on the word, they will write the word 55-60 times… that’s an incredible amount! If you teach them the routine of saying each letter and then the word when they write it, your results will be even better. I have my students whisper to themselves so they aren’t too loud.

I keep each student’s pages in a folder. When we finish all the words, I plan on binding them together in a book. I also use the papers from the folder to “quiz” them instead of flashcards. We routinely go back to the pages and re-read the sentences. With minimal paper and ink, you can get a lot out of this resource.


Secret Sight Word page sample


Word Hunt page sample



If you’re interested in trying the Learning Sight Words: Pre-Primer Packet, then download the FREE sampler that includes 3 words (6 pages).

There’s also the Learning Sight Words: PRIMER Packet.

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