Quick Tip: Using different dice for math games

Go to your local game store and you’ll find a great selection of cool dice! My personal favorite is the 20-sided die. If you’re working on the “counting on” strategy and don’t want your numbers going higher than 4, there’s a 4-sided die. There’s also a “fate” die (pictured above) that has + and – symbols. I also have dice with multiples of 10. You can come up with so many dice games!


Quick Tip: Use desks as white boards

Quick Tip: Use desks as white boards

Why use desks as white boards?

  1. The kids think it’s awesome. This is the only time they get to write on furniture.
  2. They’re free (for you). The school already has them.
  3. They’re already there. You can save yourself the time of passing out all the white boards.
  4. They’re big. Plenty of space to write on.
  5. They’re easy to clean.