Teachers Pay Teachers store grand opening!

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Hello everyone! Anthony and I have been talking about creating a shared blog for months, but it’s been so hard to find time to actually do it. We’re finally taking baby steps. I’ve always wanted to share about my adventures in education and DIY/crafting, and this is a great outlet for it. I’m so excited right now, because I’ve been working on products all summer for my Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) store. I have one free product that showcases the rest of my products– CVC word work packets. I hope people find them helpful!

FREEBIE! 15 fun, interactive worksheets. Click on image to download!

Word Work CVC families (un and ut)



I have big plans in mind for the TpT store. Right now, I have all my Word Work packets 30% as an introductory price. ┬áMy next product will be some centers for skills such as antonyms, synonyms, compound words, and phonics. I’ll also create more Word Work No Prep packets, this time for CVCe words. ┬áThen it’s on to math! So much to do, but summer is quickly coming to an end. I will be a busy lady.

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